Tool construction

The diagram below shows what features a PNML supporting tool must implement. Two main features are expected

  • The ability to create Petri nets models according to their meta-models as defined by the Standard, then export those models into PNML syntax (orange path). These models are typically the result of the translation of the models stored in a proprietary format. The Standard Petri nets models must be saved into a PNML documents.
  • The ability to load PNML documents and create the Petri nets models found in it according to the meta-models defined by the Standard (light blue path). The tool must of course be able to store these models into its proprietary format.

PNML syntax validation is recommended, the grammar being freely available on




The reference site where you will find the list of nearly all Petri Net tools is Petri Nets World. However, not all of them support PNML.

Those who claim support of the PNML Standard are (non-exhaustive list):

If your tool supports standard PNML and you wish to include it in the above list, please just send us an email.