ISO/IEC 15909 Working Meeting

Tuesday, June 23, 2009, Paris

During Petri Nets 2009, there will be a meeting of Petri net experts regarding the family of International Standards ISO/IEC 15909 (High-level Petri Nets). The purpose of the meeting is to progress the work on the Petri net standards by WG 19 of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 and, in particular, the work of the study groups for the revision of Part 1 and the commencement of Part 3.

Date and venue

This meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 23, 9.00-12.30, along with Petri Nets 2009. The exact location is to be announced.

Intended public

All Petri net experts are welcome to attend.


A detailed work program is not yet fixed. But, here is an overview of issues that we expect to discuss at the meeting.

Revision of ISO/IEC 15909-1

High-level Petri nets - concepts, definitions and graphical notation:

  • fixing of some typographical errors;
  • inclusion of Amendment 1;
  • possible inclusion of a function to associate sorts with places in the definition in Clause 6.2;
  • revision of the Introduction and Clause 2.1, Glossary, to take into account Amendment 1.

Work and discussion on ISO/IEC 15909-3

High-level Petri nets - extensions:

  • mechanism for defining other Petri net types and features;
  • definition of some standard types and their XML syntax;
  • mechanisms for modularity;
  • procedure for flexibly maintaining new features and types and for ultimately including them in the standard.

Particular dispositions

if you have any questions on this event, or any suggestions for the organisation of the event and issues to be discussed, please, contact Ekkart kindler at:
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For concrete suggestions and input for the different issues above, please contact the editors of these standards:

  • Part 1: Jonathan Billington
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  • Part 2: Ekkart Kindler
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  • Part 3: Laure Petrucci
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